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Plan ahead and combine your Maternity Portraits & Event coverage at the time of booking, for added savings!
All events are $500.00

Maternity Portraits + 1 Event = $100 savings      Maternity Portraits + 3 Events = $300 savings
Maternity Portraits + 2 Events = $200 savings     Maternity Portraits + 4 Events = $400 savings

Gender Reveal
Pink or Blue? One or Two?
2 Hours of Event Coverage
Private Online Gallery

Baby Shower
Family, friends, cake & gifts!
3 Hours of Event Coverage
Private Online Gallery

Fresh 48
Documenting baby's first 48 hours of life without having the entire labor and birth photographed.  Images are often used for Birth Announcements.
30 minute Session
Private Online Gallery

Sip & See
Provides an opportunity to have friends and family over at one time to meet and greet a new baby or child shortly after birth or adoption.  It allows you to introduce the baby to everyone at once, rather than spreading out visits over weeks or months.
1 Hour Event Coverage
Private Online Gallery

Home Sweet Home

Parents are often tired and acclimating to life's sudden adjustment to be worried about taking pictures. 

This casual session within the first 30 days of bring baby home captures parent(s) and baby in your home environment living life. 

1 Hour Session
Private Online Gallery

Dedication, Christening, Circumcision, Naming Ceremony, etc.

Coverage for your baby's introduction to life, your community, culture, and religion.

1 Hour Event Coverage
Private Online Gallery

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